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Role play

The aim of this module is to help students to understand how character can manifest itself in specific behavior and respond spontaneously to the available prompts and partner's initiative for developing narrative action.


The learning outcomes may include the following:

  • students are able to match elements of character with specific behaviors

  • students identify cause and effect links between perusing aims of characters

  • students listen to each other attentively, offer and accept ideas to engage as characters

  • students evaluate performed behaviors, distancing themselves from characters

  • students differentiate between constructive and negative attitudes and ways of communicating. It is important that students play a few trust games or ice-breakers from JIMAC collection.


Once students select role cards, they can read full descriptions or just get the general idea how to represent the character. They can draw more times until they feel excited about the role. They can improvise in pairs or small groups, choosing a specific space. They may want to think of a reason or a problem to be solved before they start action.

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